VYPER: Login process Case Study

Don Cabaleiro
2 min readFeb 3, 2024



What is VYPER?

Vyper is a viral marketing tool that leverages gamification and incentive to acquire leads, engagement, and traffic. Easily create contests and giveaways. It can collect emails and you can also use this tool to build followers, get people to share posts and leave comments.

Value proposition

A suite of tools that helps business/website owners get more traffic and leads.
Empower users with autonomy to design and create their own contests and giveaways.

Who use VYPER?

E-commerce and content marketing specialists.




An overlay layer on any of the section pages of the web, showing the option to register or log in.

In the case of carrying out either of the two options, the intention is that the user be taken to a Welcome Page that presents information about the system and the next steps to be carried out to complete their profile, if required, and start using or try the product.


Prototype created to validate the solution:




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